A Little About Me & My Babies
Hello! I'm Amanda. I’ve been pet-sitting and in the vet field since 2017. My passion for animals started during my three years volunteering at the Austin Animal Center. I was soon encouraged to make a career of caring for fur babies.

‍I care primarily for felines and canines, but if you have any other pets, please feel free to reach out!

I help clients in San Antonio, Austin area, and Pflugerville.

While we are here let me introduce my fur and human baby!

Pico De Gallo, he's a German Shepard born in May 2016, he's great with people! He was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia at the age of 2. So we go on short walks a couple times a day around the neighborhood. He loves car rides!

Silas, my handsome son was born on Halloween 2022. He does join me in petsitting 80% of the time. He has grown to LOVE cats and dogs. It's so beautiful to see. I understand boundaries for mine and your fur babies with a toddler.

We hope to hear, help and see y'all soon!

Warm wags,